oemodm OEM&ODM

About OEM and ODM:

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturing, which is a means of manufacturing a customer’s private brand by outsourcing.In Chinese it is called “commissioned manufacturing” .

The process that is an evolution of OEM and stretches from planning and materials selection to product commercialization is referred to as ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), which supports the entire production process from planning to manufacture.

We put particular focus on our “planning type” style, which tends to be closer to ODM.

OEM,ODM Workflow:

Everything starts with trial production.First we find out what the customer wants and then we manufacture a prototype.Delivery and other schedules vary depending on the specifications.Backed by the in-house data we accumulated from our long track record of bringing products to market, we make proposals in line with customers’ sales routes and sales price and promise a speedy response throughout the entire process from negotiations to product commercialization. The partnership we promote is OEM with a strong “planning type” component that tends to lean toward ODM.We coordinate all the steps from product concept to contents to packaging.

The flow from concept to delivery is outlined in the following sketch.